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27 Dec 2018

Semi Truck Turbochargers & Superchargers Truck Turbo Replacement Repair

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  • 27 Dec 2018

Semi Truck Turbochargers & Superchargers 

If you suspect or notice turbo problems, we have a team of experienced repair experts equipped with the right tools for turbo repair. in shop Turbo replacement repair Freightliner, Western Star, Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack turbo replacement. truck turbo repair in shop you will need us to tow it to our shop for repair, blowing white or black smoke, lost of power, can't go more than 5-20 miles per hour call us for towing we will bring it to our shop we can fix it same day or next day replace your semi truck turbo. Mobile semi truck diesel mechanic to repair or replace turbo charger for Cummins, Detroit, Cat, Volvo, Maxxforce, Paccar, Mercedes, Mack Diesel engines, 

What happens when a turbo blows on a diesel?

It is important to remember that when your turbo fails, the pieces will fall into the intercooler and the oil seals will fail as well. This oil is actually good for the engine, but it can actually run away at maximum RPM until all the oil is used up, which will result in engine failure,

Can you drive a diesel truck with a blown turbo?

Although you can still drive with a blown turbo, it would be far more preferable to stop driving it and instead bring it to us to have the turbo repaired or replaced. The longer a blown turbo is left without repair, the more damage it will cause to the truck engine.

The Intercooler Is Key To Higher Horsepower
Because the air is compressed, together with the heat from the exhaust gas; the air in the compressor increases in temperature (very high temperature). This is why the air must be cooled first before it is used. This is why it is passed through an air cooler (generally known as an intercooler).

The function of the intercooler is to lower the air temperature, which makes it gain higher density. Then it is directed into the engine. The moment it is redirected in the engine; more fuel is added to create more horsepower. This makes a car engine gain speed and power.

However, just like any other part in a truck, turbos wear out with time. The turbocharger in your diesel truck works hard, spinning up to 30,000 rpm, day in and day out.

Turbocharger Wear And Possible Failure Signs
• The smell of burning oil
• Noticeable decrease in power
• Whining sound that grows louder at high engine speeds
• Excessive amounts of exhaust smoke

There are also other factors that can make a turbocharger to fail. These factors include:

• Carbon buildup
• Bearing failure
• Improper or not enough lubrication
• Debris in the induction system

Semi truck turbo replacement cost

The average cost for turbocharger assembly replacement is between $1,857 and $2,900. Labor costs are estimated between $869 and $1291 while parts are priced between $1,388 and $2,900. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific trucck or unique location.

Class 8 Turbos

Our inventory of Class 8 truck parts includes a variety for semi-truck engine Class 8 turbo units, including OEM replacements for 14.6L CAT 3406 B & C, 14.6L CAT 3406 E / C15 S410G and 14L 3406 CAT S410G. Other semi-truck turbo units include the BorgWarner Caterpillar 3406C/3406E 15L unit that operates in a range between 475 and 550 HP.

The all-new S430SX 78mm Borg Warner 18-wheeler turbo is an FMW (Forged Milled Wheel) turbocharger, as is the S430SX 80mm FMW turbo. These both have extended tip compressors, 360-degree thrust bearings and .73 a/r high compressor covers, and they will support up to 650 HP in Class 8 applications (78mm unit) or up to 750 HP for the 80mm turbo. Mack MP8 Volvo D13 Engine Turbocharger 21111305 85136172 85141061. PAI Industries. MSRP: Now: $2,513.95 - $7,639.95. Was: Mack MP8 And Volvo D13 Engine and many more...